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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the difference between a translator and an interpreter?
Interpreters and translators perform similar tasks, but in different settings. While an interpreter converts any spoken material from one language (the source language) into a different language (the target language), a translator converts written material in the same manner. Interpreters deal with spoken words, translators with written words. Akari Ueoka has experience and trainings in both.

Do you accept a Purchase Order?
Yes, I do.

Do you have a state tax ID number and an EIN?
Yes, I have both.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, I do. I accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Note: There is an additional 3.6% charge for the processing fee.

I also accept: cash, check, money order, direct deposit (bank to bank), PayPal, and Venmo.

If you’re paying with checks/money orders, please make checks/money orders payable to "Akari Enterprises, LLC.”

Is my confidential information kept safely?
Yes. At Akari Translations, clients’ confidentiality is paramount. I treat your sensitive information as I would my own. I rarely subcontract confidential work, but if I had to do so to meet the demand, I would request the client’s permission ahead of time.

For your information, the below is an expert of a translation/interpretation agreement which both a client and a translator sign before proceeding to the actual work.
“All knowledge and information expressly identified by Client in writing as confidential which Translator/Interpreter acquires during the term of this Agreement regarding the business and products of Client shall be maintained in confidentiality by Translator/Interpreter. Any use of translated materials by Translator/Interpreter is expressly forbidden except by permission and agreement by Client. If the Translator/Interpreter's work is available to the public after it is completed; for example in the form of a website, company brochure, etc., the Translator/Interpreter may use the work in a portfolio or professional reference.”

What is the cancelation policy for my scheduled private language lesson/tutoring service?
Cancelation needs to be emailed to both Akari Translations and your teacher simultaneously 24 hours before start time of the lesson.

If a student cancels a lesson for any reason, the full lesson fee is non-refundable. However, you can be eligible for a make-up lesson by giving a 24-hour notice of cancellation, and by scheduling the make-up lesson within 7 days of the canceled lesson.

If the instructor has to cancel a lesson for any reason, and is not able to schedule a make-up lesson within 14 days, the student will receive a full refund for the canceled lesson.

Can’t I use the free Google Translate?
Yes, you can, but it has its limits. For instance, look at a translation of a news article from the Kochi Shinbun (Newspaper) below done by Google Translate. It says that people were held over the bonfire. That sounds quite disturbing.

However, the correct translation would be, “In the heat-filled darkness, a bonfire lights the way to the Worship Hall. It is said that divine grace such as enjoyment of sound health would be bestowed upon you if you burned a part of a wooden board called Otaimatsu and brought it home. People in yukatas (summer kimonos) were holding them up against the bonfire as they laughed and said, ‘Hot, hot.’”

As you can see, Google Translate makes mistakes and would not catch subtle cultural idiosyncrasies. However, at Akari Translations experienced human translators - familiar with translating languages in the context of culture - do the work and double-check it. 
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