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"Akari acted as the bridge between our school and the hosting school. She planned and organized our program and excursions. She was flexible in meeting our needs. It is often challenging for us, Japanese people, to make requests in English. However, due to her support in Japanese, everything went smoothly. She created quotes and contracts both in Japanese and English for us, so we were able to fully understand. Also, she always submitted what we had requested by the specified date, so we were able to proceed with ease knowing that she was addressing it. We were grateful that she was our coordinator."
— A.N., Representative of a university in Tokyo
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“Akari's personality is best described by her eagerness to do her very best for the people she is serving. When I was planning to send my students to a hosting school in 2016, she paid great attention to designing the contents of the program. Unfortunately, our student enrolment was not high enough to attend this year, and I regretted that I could not offer my students an impactful, once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, through this process, I was able to meet Akari, and that was a great fortune. I believe that one's happiness can be affected by whom you meet in your life, and I strongly urge you to connect with her.”
— Isoo Ibuchi, Professor of Elementary Education at Fukuyama City University, Hiroshima, Japan
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“Our two research seminar groups from the Toyama University Economics Department greatly appreciated Akari's support when we presented our PowerPoint presentations at the University of Hawaii Maui College. She provided us with ample advice as we planned and prepared for our visit. In addition, she set up an ideal presentation schedule and handled all other logistics before and after the presentations. My students had never previously presented in English, but Akari gave them precise and useful suggestions resulting in a highly beneficial experience. I strongly recommend Akari Translations as a planner who will provide trustworthy, top-level services.”
— Naoki Kakita, Professor of Economics Department at Toyama University, Toyama, Japan
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“We truly appreciated Akari's coordination of our short-term study abroad program at the University of Hawaii Maui College. At the planning stage, she arranged a great program that met our Science and Technological Department’s unique needs. At the time of execution, the program ran smoothly due to her detailed and thoughtful care. She affably supported each and every one of our students as they learned English, so they were all able to deliver wonderful speeches. After the students’ return to Japan, they reported that they had had a very productive and rich experience due to Akari's support. We greatly appreciated her attention to detail and able support. Thank you very much.”
— K.K and H.Y., Professors of Science and Technological Department at an university in Tokyo
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“Ms. Ueoka was kind enough to look after me as the coordinator of a short-term overseas study program. I think that her most attractive trait is her genuine concern and consideration for other people’s interests. She was quick to pick up on any anxieties or doubts on my part. She put me at ease and paid careful attention to detail to ensure my students were able to perform at my best. She did not show this strength of kindness and sense of responsibility just because it was her job to do so. Rather, it is her innate personality. She is a very charming person and one for whom I have the greatest respect and admiration.”
— H.I., Professors of English Department at an university in Kagawa, Japan
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"I originally met Akari while attending the Maui Language Institute (MLI) at University of Hawaii Maui College. She was helping the international students and was caring, not only for Japanese, but also for other students from Asia and Europe. She served as the liaison, translating and interpreting between MLI and me. Because of her, I was able to communicate with MLI in Japanese while I was in Japan. For someone like me who wasn’t comfortable with English, I felt very much at ease as I prepared my travel to Maui.”
— Chimiko Fukui, a former student, Maui, Hawaii
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“As an international student assistant, Akari was reliable, thoughtful, and supportive. To those of you who will be studying abroad under her care, I can guarantee that her amiable and sincere support will make your time fruitful.”
— Kazuya Kobayashi, a former student, Hiroshima, Japan
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“We operate a busy Immigration Law office in Honolulu, and we have used Akari Translations for over two years now when we need official documents and records translated from Japanese to English. We receive top quality work that exceeds the requirements of the U.S. government immigration agencies, along with friendly, professional and efficient service. Highly recommended.” 
— John Robert Egan, Attorney at Law, MigrationCounsel.com
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"I highly recommend Akari Translations' work. Her attention to detail and quick turnaround time for English/Japanese document translation and formatting has been vital to my Yoga school, and my international business dealings. Akari Translations' price is fair, and she is reliable, quick and responsible."
— K. Alan Roth
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"My company specializes in communication across many international boundaries. Not only do we need to communicate clear business and product descriptions with our international clients, but at times we also need to communicate musical or poetic ideas which can be the most important bridges to build for deeper customer relations. Akari Translations has consistently provided us with clear, professional and deeply meaningful translations. Her communication and the care she has for representing a client’s intended communication simply sets a new standard in the world of translation. Akari Translations has my highest recommendation.”
— T. Burhoe, President of Tala Records
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“The work was done quickly and carefully. I would like to continue to work with Akari Translations in the future. Thank you very much."
— Mami Takeda, Real Estate Broker at Compass
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"I asked Akari at Akari Translations to translate the Japanese corporate documents needed to close the escrow. She was very prompt and precise in completing the job. We were happy with her service in this time-sensitive situation. Also, I know her and her level of expertise and the quality of her work."
— Yoko Humphries, RS-77801, eXp Realty
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“After purchasing a charter boat company, I desperately needed a new translator I could depend on to answer our language specific phone line and email reservation requests for our Japanese customers and agents. Having worked together in a non-profit setting with Akari, I knew how detail-oriented she is, and that I’d be able to trust her to handle out translation needs and tasks in a prompt, courteous, professional manner. Since she joined our team, Akari has gone ‘above and beyond’ her basic translation duties, to assist in creating and maintaining the Japanese language pages of our company website, as well as monitoring our online Japanese reservation system. Akari has a deep sense of responsibility and takes enormous pride in her work. She connects well with agents and is sensitive to our customers’ needs, taking extra time to explain tour details, and helping to set up transportation for our guests. Akari understands the significance of her work in collaboration with management and the crew, to assist with marketing tasks, crew scheduling, and in providing thoughtful feedback for further improvements in our operations. Akari has played an integral role in the expansion of our operations, and we’re extremely grateful that Akari continues to share her talents and energy to ensure the success of Kona Ocean Experience.”
— Melissa Bambi Worst, Owner/Manager of Kona Ocean Experience
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“At the last minute, I had to give a lecture at a medical school in Cambodia, so I asked Akari to translate the contents of my lecture from Japanese to English. Ever since I first met Akari years ago, I’ve known that she had an astute understanding of both English and Japanese, and therefore she was able to express the subtle nuances in my lecture. I also knew her as a reliable person and therefore, I decided to hire her. I greatly appreciate the speed and accuracy with which she has translated my lecture, which contained many technical terms. I would recommend Akari Translations for translating not only medical related lectures, but also academic theses.”
— H. Matsubara
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“Akari was able to translate an old koseki (family register; the oldest one I have was created in 1906) for our family. Without this piece of information, this would have been an unknown part of our family history.   It is something we can keep in the family for years to come.   I also had Akari help me request a family register from Japan for our adopted daughter. Akari went over and beyond to make sure we had a Japanese money order and a Japan mailing address to be sure our paperwork went smoothly. I would highly recommend Akari for any translation work.”
— S. Okuni
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“I live and work in Japan and it can be tough to find an online service here for translation.  Akari was recommended by a friend and she was very fast, efficient and my Japanese wife said that the Japanese was beautiful.  I'll definitely use her services again."
— Chuck, Owner/Manager of Midori Farm
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“We really appreciated Akari’s help and dedication to detail. It was a pleasure working with her.”
— Elyse D., Director of Marketing at Maui Ocean Center
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"I am really glad to have you at our wedding, both ceremony and reception. There was no way I as a bride could have navigated all the guests for taking family photos and organizing who should be where and when. If we hadn’t had you during the ceremony, my side of the guests would have felt totally ignored and lost. Having you translating the vows there was a great success. Thank you also for your flexibility. It was very nice of you to stay longer at the reception than planned, and my family was very grateful to have you there. Communications are the key to the wedding, and having both Japanese and English speaker guests is a challenge. So your presence there was really great to run the programs as well as being the bridge between guests. You are very professional but not business-y for an event like this. I appreciate your personal character to give warm feeling to our guests, especially connecting with my niece and nephew. I cannot say enough thank-you’s, but I hope you realize how much I appreciate your work."
— Shima, a newly wed in 2011
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"My husband and I greatly appreciated having Akari as our interpreter at our daughter's wedding. We had been daunted by the language barrier and by the possibility of not being able to communicate our message with the groom's parents. However, with Akari's interpretation, we were able to share our appreciation for them as well as our feelings toward our daughter. Also, we were able to hear their thoughts, which allowed us to recognize our feelings for one another, and my husband and I were filled with appreciation for the groom's parents. In addition, we were able to greet and interact with every guest who attended the wedding. This was all made possible because of Akari. More than anything, we really liked Akari's personality and thank her from the bottom of our hearts."
— Mr. and Mrs. Matsumoto, a bride’s parents from 2016
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“Akari, Thank you so much for interpreting at our wedding ceremony and reception in Maui.  You were so easy to work with and professional in what you do.  When you arrived at the venue, we noticed how genuine you were when introducing yourself and interacting with all our guests in English and Japanese and at that moment, we knew we made the right decision in choosing you as our interpreter.  Because of your wonderful and accurate translations, both sides of our families could fully understand all the vows and speeches on our special day.  Your warm and kind personality also made everyone feel at ease and after the wedding, all the guests commented how they really enjoyed having you at the wedding and because of you, they were able to communicate to each other, even though they didn’t speak each other’s languages.
We were very impressed with the detail that you put into your work, from connecting with our officiant before the wedding to checking in with us before our flight to Hawaii.  During the group photo-shoots, you made it so much easier as you were able to interpret to the Japanese guests what the photographer wanted them to do.  I’ve got to say you did an amazing job getting the attention of my toddler nephew and making him smile at the camera.
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much again for interpreting at our wedding and I wish you all the best in your career.”

— Desmond, a newly wed in 2017
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“My first-grade son came to Akari for tutoring in reading and writing. After transferring from Waldorf School where writing and reading are taught later, he was behind the rest of the class at his new school. Akari has been pivotal in assisting my son in achieving his potential. Her tutoring has helped him not only to learn by leaps and bounds, but to also build his confidence. His teacher at school is amazed at his progress since the beginning of the year and was commenting on his great penmanship. That is thanks to Akari!Her style of teaching is perfectly balanced — respectful and nurturing. Drawing on her years of classroom teaching experience. She has an innate ability to see the child's individual nature and works with them. The result is a confident first grader that is excited about reading, writing and learning! We will definitely use Akari's services in the future or with different subjects if necessary. Thank you so much Akari!!! We love you :)”
— Linda, Mother
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“I moved to Maui from Japan when I got married, but there was a problem; I could not speak English. My husband is Japanese, so I didn't need to speak English at home. I could shop for groceries on my own, but I felt the need to work on my English skills as I was living in an English speaking region. Then Akari offered to teach me English. Since then, she has been providing well-planned, heartfelt private lessons, despite my poor English skills. Her lessons are not boring because she breaks down the grammar rules and teaches idioms that are useful in daily life. These are not the “cookie cutter” English lessons I've experienced in the past. Akari utilizes my strengths and creates a custom program to meet my specific needs. I am very grateful for knowing Akari. I strongly recommend her lessons!”
— E.S. from Japan
Please see this page for more info about private language lessons.
“For the past two years I have been studying Japanese language privately with Akari. I feel fortunate to have met Akari as she is a skilled and dedicated teacher. Akari's efforts go beyond our weekly hour long lesson as she follows up with lists of vocabulary and grammar from our conversations (Akari sends them to each student with a recording after each lesson). Additionally Akari brings to the lesson a variety of methods and sources to keep the learning interesting. I feel that Akari truly cares about her students and their success. I would highly recommend her.”
— Martha from USA
Please see this page for more info about private language lessons.
“Before I met Akari, I had several Japanese instructors or tutors with whom I never made real progress. I started studying with Akari five months ago and I already feel the difference.

Beside the knowledge I got out of her lessons, I am more confident expressing myself in Japanese outside of her instructions. Her lessons are totally tailored to my level and needs, her patience has no limit, and her contribution to my lessons have exceeded my expectation (notes, extra-notes and recordings from each lesson, and homework corrected outside of lessons).

She is a very dedicated teacher whose focus is in helping her students.
I am very lucky I met Akari and highly recommend her as a teacher.”

— I.S. from France
Please see this page for more info about private language lessons.
“I took private English lessons with Akari 3 times a week for one month in April 2016. I was excited to work with Akari. Akari was always very prepared and worked with a lot of joy. She was always very flexible, and I could learn a lot from her. I would always book Akari. I wish Akari for success in the future.”
— K.B. from Switzerland
Please see this page for more info about private language lessons.
“We are so glad we found Akari to teach our three children (7, 9, and 10 years old). We are moving to Japan, and Akari helped us so much by introducing language and culture to our kids. The boys enjoyed every single lesson and they are missing her way of teaching already. They will never forget her. Her lessons were always very well prepared and a lot of fun for the kids. We can highly recommend her.”
— Helen, Mother of four children, from Germany
Please see this page for more info about private language lessons.
“My son is in 3rd grade and loved being in Akari-sensei's Japanese class. He shared with me how class was so much fun — he really enjoyed the variety of Japanese songs they learned and different games they played with the vocabulary words. He also loved learning how to write in hiragana and doing the practice writing sheets. Jai would come home excited to do the homework (and he usually doesn't like doing homework!) and jazzed to practice the new Japanese words and phrases he learned. This truly shows what a positive impact Akari-sensei and her class had on him.”
Eleykaa Tully, Mother & Artist
Please see this page for more info about group language lessons.
“Very professional and responsive! Akari answered all my questions timely, and I was confident that she would be able to teach my 13-year-old daughter Japanese. Her lessons were so fun and not overwhelming.”
— Geneva, Mother
Please see this page for more info about private language lessons.
“Our family loved learning about our Japanese roots in a fun, loving, and relaxed environment. Akari is real natural with children and makes learning and culture come alive through play and music! Wonderful!”
— Megan T., Mother of two young boys
Please see this page for more info about group language lessons.
“I’m a Japanese mom who is not good at teaching Japanese to my own children while living outside of Japan. Akari's class provided me with an opportunity to learn how to teach Japanese. My child who attended the class was very shy during the lessons, but whenever I sang songs at home, she was happy to sing along and clap her hands with me. I wish this class could have continued longer (it was a 5-week series).”
— Rie I., Mother of two young girls
Please see this page for more info about group language lessons.
“Learning Japanese with Akari really brought the language to life! She makes you feel like bringing Japanese into your home is a manageable goal.”
— Katy W., Mother
Please see this page for more info about group language lessons.
“Akari brings life to the class. Her willingness to adapt to the behavior of the young students enables her to create a relaxed and trusting environment. She makes learning fun!”
— Ernest M., Father
Please see this page for more info about group language lessons.
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“My son was lucky enough to be placed in the learning ohana (which means family in Hawaiian language) of Akari during his second grade. I have never experienced such heartfelt genuine concern for students and their learning in my child's academic schooling as well as my own. My son not only liked going to school, but he LIKED LEARNING, too! He was excited to show me new things he was working on and new things he had learned.  He strived to do a good job as he genuinely cared about her and wanted to make her proud. Furthermore, I have been inspired to be more involved with his academics partially due to her blog (that I'm pretty sure she did on her own time). I could see and read about everything my child was learning in school as she updated her blog almost every single weekday. On countless occasions, she stayed to tutor my child one-on-one during recess break which I'm sure was time she valued. On the last day of second grade, I asked him if he was excited for summer and his reply was not what I expected. Although I knew he was looking forward to a break and vacation, he was equally as sad that he wouldn't be in Ms. Akari's learning ohana anymore. She is a wonderful teacher and person.”
— Kimberly, Mother
“Akari was truly a gift for my family. 
My very bright and sweet son did not like going to school. 
He would cry every morning and it was struggle to get him out of the door. He begged to be homeschooled until he had Miss Akari as his teacher in second grade.
She turned his whole schooling experience around with her beautiful teaching approach. She masterfully and gracefully held space for the class and all her students helping them to thrive. She made her classroom a place where my son felt nurtured and seen, exploring the world and their role in it, in a calm environment.  The difference it made for my son was truly amazing. Before he would come home stressed, taking on the weight of a stressed classroom. With Miss Akari he came home happy and looked forward to going back to school even after the weekend! 
I will be forever grateful that Akari came into my son's life as a mentor and a friend. It truly is a gift!”

— Kate, Mother and Publisher & Editor in Chief of “The Mauimama
“Akari was a teacher for my daughter when she was three years old. Akari is a devoted and responsible caregiver. She has steadfast attention to the physical and emotional needs of the children she is with. She has an amazing ability to bring peace to an emotionally charged child while facilitating a group. Akari is a committed role model for conflict resolution not only for the children in her care but also for all of the parents whose children she cares for. She is one of the most gifted childcare providers I have ever met as well as an inspiring asset to the community. I could sing the praises of Akari for pages, but will end here. I trust her completely as an educator and facilitator. I wish she would start a teacher-training program in the ‘Akari Ueoka Method.’”
—Ann, Mother
"As a parent watching Akari teach two of our children, I have been amazed and touched. I have four children who have collectively been in many different schools. I also come from a family of teachers, and have close friends who are teachers. I can quite honestly say that I have never witnessed a teacher more dedicated to her children as Akari. It is as if every child she teaches are her own, and she teaches with compassion, patience, understanding, and a pure and genuine respect for her students that is so special that it touches every parent who is fortunate enough to have her as their child’s teacher. The children also understand that Akari is special, and they truly love and respect her for her ability to connect with them on their level. Children grow and thrive under Akari in a way that, as a parent, that is truly such a joy to witness that words can never convey the value.”
—Mark, Father and Owner of Maui Guidebook
“Akari was able to create a structured learning environment where students felt safe and enjoyed coming to class. Akari always exuded patience, a positive attitude, and confidence. I believe she made every student believe in themselves and that they could accomplish anything in class. Akari’s work ethics were also unmatched. She was always punctual, professional, and open to suggestions. Because Maui Tumblers rents space from schools, we interact with school administrators, teachers and parents on a regular basis. It was of the utmost importance to respect the space, and schedule given to us by each school. Because of Akari’s strong work ethic, every parent, and school employee trusted her and had a positive relationship with her. She was a great asset to Maui Tumblers. Not only did the children learn from her, I think I learned how to be a better coach, too.”
— Melissa Malephansakul Rajesh, Mother and Founder & Owner of Maui Tumblers
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“Akari’s most impressive skills are her grasp on administration and technology. She is a keen organizer and took it upon herself to format our curriculum into a professional manual, update our website, and created spreadsheets on clients’ information, forms, and filing procedures. She was essentially our administrative support and is well versed in multiple computer applications. We have also utilized her skills to complete several state grant applications. Akari is the kind of person who will always go above and beyond to improve her surroundings.”
— Loren Lapow, MSW, Founder of Maui Hero Project
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