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Private Language Lessons

Private Language Lessons
(Any Age)

Learning a new language expands your horizons and enables you to communicate with more people in the world.
Do you wish to speak another language? Then, let’s begin.

We provide lessons in the following languages (click the language you would like to learn to read the instructor’s bio):
Meet our team
  1. Please email info@akaritranslations.com with the following information: 1) the language/tutoring subject you want to learn, 2) your preferred day and time for lessons, and 3) where you want the lessons to be held.
  2. Akari Translations will get in touch with a teacher to set up all the logistics for the first lesson.

Cancelation Policy:

We understand that there are times when you have to cancel a lesson. Children can get sick, your car could have a mechanical issue, etc. We try to be as flexible and as accommodating as possible. However, due to the increased number of students and the growing waiting list of students, we ask that a lesson to be cancelled 24 hours in advance, and to save your spot, please hold the make-up lesson within 7 days of the original class date. Otherwise, the lesson fee is non-refundable, and we cannot guarantee to hold your spot should cancelation happen repeatedly.

Also, we ask that your lesson day/time does not change frequently unless there are extenuating circumstances. Please contact Akari if such situation arises. We try our best to be accommodating, but a set schedule will help us to run all the lessons smoothly.

If the instructor has to cancel a lesson for any reason less than 24 hours, or is not able to schedule a make-up lesson within 7 days, the student will receive a full refund for the canceled lesson.
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