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Akari's Heart Read Aloud

Akari has been keeping a personal journal for years that captures her thoughts and feelings about her daily life on Maui, Hawaii.

The journal will be read in both Japanese and English, so if you want to improve your listening skills in either language, this podcast will provide a rich source of learning material. At the end of each episode, we will explain a couple of vocabulary words and idioms from the episode. It will be like listening to someone’s diary.

Each episode is about 20 minutes long, so we hope you can listen while you do your house chores, commute to work or school, during your lunch break, etc. Both English and Japanese transcripts are available below. We will upload a new episode every two weeks (Monday or Tuesday).

About Akari:
Akari moved to Maui in 2001 and graduated from the University of Hawaii’s College of Education. She taught at elementary schools as a full-time teacher. Then, she started her own business where she tutors children in math and language arts. She also teaches Japanese, English, and classical Indian dance. In her spare time, she finds much pleasure lounging in a hammock and reading books.





Episode #001

Episode #002

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The beautiful intro and outro music was created by Joseph McDade.


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