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Short-Term Study Abroad Program

Do you want to send a group of students to a foreign university?
Do you want to accept a group of students from a foreign university?
However, the language barrier is preventing you from realizing this goal?

If so, we are here for you.

Akari Translations will become a liaison between your university and the targeted university.
We will not only create customized short-term
study programs but also arrange all the necessary details to make each program a successful and life-changing experience.

  1. Email Akari Translations at info@akaritranslations.com for a free initial consolation on the program.
  2. Akari Translations will serve remotely as a liaison between a visiting university and a hosting university.
  3. Akari Translations will coordinate with the hosting university’s appropriate director on housing, meals, visas (if applicable), ground transportation to and from the airport, and other transitional needs.
  4. Akari Translations will coordinate with the hosting university’s academic coordinator on curriculum, excursions, and schedule.
  5. Akari Translations will negotiate program budgets.
  6. Akari Translations will create an MOA for each program to be signed by the hosting university’s representative and the visiting university group’s representative.
  7. Two months from the program start date, the visiting groups will pay a non-refundable deposit of $500 to the host university.

Fees for Services on Maui (for other locations, please contact us for quotes):
  • Meet & Greet — $120*
  • Airport Send-Off  $120**
  • 24/7 Care (my cell phone will be on 24/7) — $30/day
  • I will be available in-person to assist with any urgent or emergencies
  • Interpretation Services $60/hour
  • Transportation fee $30/hour plus standard mileage rate, $0.58 per mile

*Meet & Greet services include:
  • checking the arrival time during the duration of the flight
  • arriving 20 minutes prior to the arrival time in case the flight gets in early
  • assisting any luggage delay/losses other issues
  • making sure that each student meets their designated host family
  • preparing leis (flower garlands) - optional ($15 each)

**Airport Send-Off services include:
  • monitoring the fight’s departure time
  • assisting the check-in process
  • making sure every student goes through the security gate
  • remaining available throughout the time until the students get on the plane in Honolulu
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